Latest Resident Support


This winter, Horizon has been assisting with the implementation of our most recent grants as well as making progress on the goals identified at the recent Board planning session. This progress includes updating our grant application materials, reaching out to new and nonresponsive properties, and finalizing the grant schedule for the next fiscal year. We have also been exploring new partnerships and programs, and are excited to pilot new partnerships with organizations such as Affinia Healthcare, the YMCA, and the Magic House.


Scholarship Updates

Currently there are 16 active Horizon Scholarship recipients. Twelve of these are college scholarships, two are high school scholarships to Cardinal Ritter, and two are elementary school scholarships to Most Holy Trinity. We are excited to have welcomed three new college scholarship recipients in the fall and one more for the spring semester.


Resident Participation Efforts

Horizon has maintained an ongoing effort to improve resident participation rates in our programs. To bring a new perspective to this, we are exploring ways in which we can empower property managers to better connect with residents and drive participation in programs. This involves developing informational materials based on research and interviews, as well as hosting focus groups with local property managers to learn what works for them and what types of support they need. Property managers are the first line of communication with residents, and they hold a great amount of potential for improving participation and outcomes for residents.


In the Pipeline

– Horizon will be attending the Georgia Affordable Housing Conference in March.

– Our next grant cycle will begin on April 1st, and will be the first of our 2018-2019 fiscal year. Applications will be due in early March.