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Covid-19 Response At-A-Glance:

COVID-19 is creating new needs, magnifying existing needs, and putting enormous financial pressure on all families. From medical and public health needs related to the response to economic uncertainty impacting vulnerable populations, the COVID-19 pandemic is creating unmet needs above and beyond the usual. Below are Horizon’s first wave of support in the past 50 days:

  • 644 Meals provided
  • 821 Food boxes
  • 3,910 Books for kids
  • 333 Essential kits
  • 140 Activity kits for seniors
  • 44 Activity kits for kids

As some restrictions start to ease, HHF knows the need for support is nowhere near over, so we still welcome properties to continue to reach out to Horizon to address their residents’ needs and ideas how to meet those needs.


In an attempt to help meet the need for healthy food, Horizon Housing Foundation has partnered with several other nonprofit organizations to help feed our residents by delivering monthly food shares. Partners like Kansas City Food Hub, Andy’s Produce Stand, Livingston County Food Pantry, etc. We have also supported several of our property managers who are shopping to feed their residents.

HHF has provided over 1,400 single family homes with healthy food options by providing healthy food boxes through our partnerships and by supporting grocery deliveries coordinated by property site managers.


As schools close and workplaces go remote to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, parents everywhere are struggling to keep children healthy and occupied.

Horizon Housing Foundation has partnered with Bring Me A Book St. Louis to ship grade appropriate books to our school aged residents to help keep them engaged and on task for when they return to their regular school days.

HHF has shipped over 3,900 books and over 40 activity kits to school aged residents.


The COVID-19 outbreak has left many people more alone than they’ve been in a long time, or ever.

According to recent research titled “COVID-19: An Exposition, with a Focus on Social Isolation in the Elderly (UK),” social isolation, especially in the elderly, brings with it a higher likelihood of psychological and medical risks. The major risk factors include older adults’ physical limitations which can impact mobility and their ability to do things by themselves (Psychology Today, April 2020).

Social isolation can also lead to loneliness and depression. Physiologically, loneliness and long-term social distancing can decrease someone’s ability to fight infection and inflammation. The stress and anxiety which loneliness causes can lead to a change in white blood cells as well, creating more issues for older adults.

To help combat seniors’ feelings of loneliness and isolation we have partnered with Oasis Institute. Oasis has created virtual peer discussion groups called “Conversations That Count.” These groups are led by qualified counselors, and seniors can call in and connect to other seniors and discuss topics relevant to them.

Scholarship Updates

Currently there are 29 active Horizon Scholarship recipients. 24 of these are college scholarships, 2 high school scholarships one to Cardinal Ritter College Prep and one to Incarnate Word, and 3 are elementary school scholarships at St. Louis Catholic Academy.

HHF Scholarship Deadline Extended – for more information contact Micki Biedscheid 314-269-0809 ext. 703 or email [email protected]