Latest Resident Support


The fall application process ended, 4 students have received a $1,500 renewable grant to continue their education! If they continue to abide by Horizon’s and The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis’ standards, this grant can add up to be $12,000 toward school funding.

Allen Wilson III (Decatur, GA)

Allen Wilson III is hosting an ACT/SAT preparation program for its high school-aged residents. Students in the program are developing test taking skills and strategies to improve their test scores thus become more competitive for college admissions and scholarships.


Alpha Terrace Apartments (St. Louis, MO)

With the encouragement and support of Horizon, Alpha Terrace is beginning a series of twice-weekly exercise sessions for its senior residents. Focusing on light cardio and weight training, the program is helping residents to maintain their mobility and independence.


Brentwood Place Apartments (Forsyth, GA)

Brentwood Place Apartments has hosted an event on-site to build community and trust between the residents at the property and the first responders in the community who serve those residents. There was a special focus on building rapport between children and law enforcement.


Cold Storage Lofts (Kansas City, MO)

Cold Storage Lofts has brought in A+ Career and Resume LLC to provide career development services for residents. These services include workshops, coaching, and mentoring to help participants to improve their resumes and build their interview skills.


Columbia Mill Apartments (Atlanta, GA)

Through a series of workshops the new career and professional development program at Columbia Mill is assisting residents with resume writing, interviewing, networking, leadership development, and personal branding. In addition, the property is hosting a youth-oriented program (presented by the American Diabetes Association) to increase awareness of diabetes and the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. Horizon’s grant also allows for the continuation of Columbia Mill’s youth reading program.


The Cottages at Arbor Pointe (Columbus, GA)

Horizon is supporting the senior residents of the Cottages at Arbor Point with a community walking club program, a book club, computer classes, and a series of health and wellness classes. These activities are helping residents to improve their health, mobility, and independence, and help them to build community and social connections as well.


Columbia Senior Residences at Forrest Hills (Decatur, GA)

The Residences at Forrest Hills are partnering with the America Diabetes Association to provide a Senior Series outreach program to increase the level of awareness about the high prevalence of diabetes among seniors and to address the health needs of the senior residents at Forrest Hills.


Frisco Lofts (Springfield, MO)

Horizon has funded a healthy cooking class for residents at the property. The class was led by a professional dietician, and residents were able to enjoy the meal that they created together.


Grand South Senior (St. Louis, MO)

Horizon is continuing its support of Grand South’s health and wellness program, which includes services such as chair yoga classes, art therapy, massage therapy, and community gardening.


Green Gables Senior Living (Wentzville, MO)

Horizon is continuing its funding of the Comprehensive Wellness Program at Green Gables, facilitated by Premier Home Health. This program brings exercise classes, weekly nurse visits, social work visits, and monthly educational speakers to the property to work with residents to improve their health and wellness.


Greystone Apartments (Rome, GA)

Greystone Apartments is providing the Art Alive program to serve the needs of its residents with mental and/or physical disabilities as well as its elderly residents. The Art Alive program incorporates art therapy, art education, and social entrepreneurship to foster self-expression, develop social skills, decrease depression symptoms, and improve self-esteem.


Hampshire Landing (Joplin, MO)

Horizon is funding the creation of an on-site library for the residents of Hampshire Landing, in order to make reading material more accessible and to promote positive reading habits in children.


House Springs Apartments (House Springs, MO)

Horizon is funding the creation of a community garden for the residents at House Springs Apartments. The garden will help residents to remain active and mobile, and will increase their access to fresh and healthy food.


Mallory Place Apartments (Marshall, MO)

Horizon is funding a major expansion of Mallory Place’s on-site library for its residents. The property has several residents who care for their grandchildren during the day, and the expanded library is making reading materials more readily available both for these and other children and for adult residents at the property.


Martin Luther King Village Apartments (Kansas City, MO)

With Horizon’s support, MLK Village is building a large community garden at its property. The garden will give the property’s senior residents opportunities to build social connection, and will help them to remain active and mobile as well as increasing their access to fresh and healthy food.


Panola Gardens (Lithonia, GA)

Horizon is helping Panola Gardens to create a multi-faceted health and wellness initiative for its senior residents. The initiative includes services such as fitness classes, art therapy and music therapy sessions, and computer education classes, and will help residents to improve their health and age successfully as independent seniors.


Parkland Manor (Austell, GA)

Horizon is helping Parkland Manor to establish a health and wellness program for its senior residents, in order to combat the health issues with which the community struggles. The property is hosting services such as fitness classes, yoga sessions, and “Lunch & Learn” events to educate about nutrition.


Parkwood Senior (Joplin, MO)

Horizon has started a weekly “chair yoga” program for the residents of Parkwood Senior. Classes are designed for the needs of older adults, and exercises are done either seated or standing with the support of a chair. Regular participation in yoga can help residents to improve quality of life and physical measures such as balance and strength.


Richardson Ridge Villas (Arnold, MO)

Horizon is continuing the weekly “chair yoga” program for the senior residents at Richardson Ridge. The program has achieved consistently high participation rates and is helping residents to improve their health and quality of life. In addition we have supplied some yoga equipment to property to help the yoga sessions continue to grow.


Rosie Shields Manor (Pagedale, MO)

Horizon is supporting a share of the maintenance costs for Rosie Shields Manor’s community van, so that it may continue to serve the property’s residents. Rosie Shields uses the van to transport residents to health fairs, farmers markets, and cultural events.


Salvation Army Veterans Residence (St. Louis, MO)

Based on the success of previous grants, Horizon is continuing its support of the monthly Safe & Sober and Lunch & Learn events at the Veterans Residence. These programs provide positive, structured alternatives for residents who are coping with addiction and provide learning opportunities to help them work toward becoming self-sufficient and independent.


Sustainable Fellwood II & III (Savannah, GA)

Horizon is sponsoring monthly health and wellness education events for residents at these two properties. These events are based on the World Health Organization’s calendar, and feature presentations from health professionals.


Sycamore Hills Apartments (DeSoto, MO)

With Horizon’s support, Sycamore Hills is engaging its residents around reading and healthy choices. Horizon is sponsoring the creation of an on-site library to include children’s books and materials, a reading area, healthy cookbooks, and exercise DVDs.


Willow Creek Senior Apartments (Eldon, MO)

Horizon is continuing to support and expand the health and wellness initiatives at Willow Creek Senior. The “chair yoga” classes have been expanded from bi-weekly to weekly, and the monthly health-focused Lunch & Learn events will continue along with the monthly craft events to help build social connection among residents.



General Partner Properties:


Catalpa Tree Apartments- Senior: Savannah, MO: Every resident at Catalpa Tree has the option to receive a laptop on loan from Horizon. These laptops help to increase residents’ quality of life by making it possible for them to pay bills online and connect to family and friends.

This winter Catalpa Tree also hosted a holiday dinner at the property, to help build a sense of community and to show appreciation for the property’s residents.


Cedar Tree Apartments- Family: Savannah, MO:

Cedar Tree Apartments continued its tradition of supporting its residents by providing a holiday ham or turkey to each household. In addition to showing appreciation for Cedar Tree’s residents, these gifts help to alleviate hunger and financial strain for families at the holidays.


Center Apartments- Senior: Chillicothe, MO:

Every resident at Center has the option to receive a laptop on loan from Horizon. These laptops help to increase residents’ quality of life by making it possible for them to pay bills online and connect to family and friends. Horizon also provides monthly community meals and attendance prizes, and community donuts are available every Saturday. This winter, Horizon supported the property’s holiday potluck with equipment and gifts for the residents.


Elmwood Estates- Family: Nevada, MO:

Elmwood Estates has been continuing its “Story Time” program every Wednesday after school. Kids from the property take turns reading, and then all participants have the opportunity to check out books from the on-site library. Horizon also sponsors gift cards as rewards for good grades.