Latest Resident Support

As we progress through the fourth quarter, Horizon has been busy guiding properties through the implementation of our most recent grants. We have been pleased to see a strong focus on education at our properties, with several after school programs and one-on-one tutoring initiatives, over 200 new books into the homes of kids, and multiple reading and art classes for youth, as well as other services.

We are also using this time of year to strengthen relationships with property managers and partners, and to begin preparing a pipeline of grant applications for the spring. The next deadline for applications will be on March 5th, with funding becoming available at the start of the next fiscal year on April 1st.


Scholarship Updates

Currently there are 24 active Horizon Scholarship recipients. Eighteen of these are college scholarships, one is a high school scholarship to Cardinal Ritter, and five are elementary school scholarships to Most Holy Trinity and St. Louis Catholic Academy.


Improving Access to Books

We understand the importance of access to age-appropriate, quality books as a component of literacy development in children, and we are using partnerships to make sure that more kids have that access. Building off of last year’s book bus outreach and holiday book giveaways, we will soon be establishing small, outdoor community library boxes at several of our properties (often known as Little Free Libraries). These libraries will allow kids to fetch a book at any time, even if the property’s office (usually the home of an onsite library) is closed. Additionally, these boxes are handmade and very attractive, thanks to the work of a local volunteer and our friends at Bring Me A Book. We hope that they will prove to be a resource for children and a point of pride for the communities.


In the Pipeline

  • Horizon staff will be attending the Georgia Affordable Housing Conference in Savannah in March, as well as visiting a number of properties and partners in Georgia.
  • 2018 Annual Reports will be mailed out this week or next. (Keep an eye on your mail box!)
  • Our next grant cycle will begin on April 1st, and will be the first grant period of our 2019-2020 fiscal year.