Our Mission

Horizon Housing Foundation provides safe, affordable housing for families and seniors and supports them through programs that promote economic self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life.

About Us

Horizon Housing Foundation has been providing social services to Low-Income Housing Tax Credit properties since its creation in 2000. In 2020, Horizon arranged services to over 90 properties. These services promote economic self-sufficiency, education, and health. Horizon recognizes that the residents and needs at each property are different, and so tailors services to the individual needs of each property. This ensures that we make the most meaningful impact for the residents we serve. Horizon has experience providing enrichment services to families, seniors, and veterans in both rural and urban areas of Missouri and Georgia, and we are currently expanding our reach to serve Colorado, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Nebraska, Wisconsin, South Carolina, and California.


Horizon holds a unique perspective and expertise within the affordable housing sector, able to navigate both the technical realm of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and the complex and ever-changing world of social services. We are passionate about achieving positive outcomes for low-income families and individuals, and we have a 20-year track record of providing excellent social services and programs for residents of affordable housing. In addition we understand that healthy, stable residents lead to a financially healthy and stable property, and that a high-functioning property is good for its residents.

Our Staff

Dan Lee

Dan Lee, Executive Director: Dan has experience in real estate and financial investments. Dan has worked in real estate for 12 years, and has spent the past 10 years at Horizon evaluating investments in LIHTC developments and overseeing management of Horizon’s current Limited and General Partnership LIHTC properties.

Micki Biedscheid

Micki Biedscheid, Director of Scholarships & Operations: Holding a Master’s Degree in Management, Micki brings a wealth of experience from both the private and nonprofit sectors, having most recently run youth development programming in St. Louis city and county.

Noel McKay

Noel McKay, Director of Social Service: Noel has a Master of Social Work degree with a focus in social and economic development, and brings experience in social services and the St. Louis nonprofit sector.

Eboney Carroll

Georgia Social Service Coordinator

Joy Kuhlo

Growing States Social Service Coordinator

Audrey Manners

Missouri Social Service Coordinator

2021 Board of Directors

Name Organization /Affiliation
Beth Bartollota St. Francis of Assisi School
Ailce Duarte-Fletcher Delmar Gardens
Loura Gilbert Commerce Bank
Linda Harris Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis
Amy McDermott * St. Louis Equity Fund Inc.
Eric McMahon ND Consulting Group
Becky Reinhart DeSales Community Development
Juliet Simone Oasis Institute
Bridgette Sims RX Outreach

*  Board President